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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Let me jot a quick note to express how I feel
Allow me a moment for my thoughts to congeal
I begin to pinch myself to know this is real
But am always reminded that is only something time can reveal
What do I want to say
How shall I attempt to convey 
Is this where I should play
Who knows the best way
These are questions I don't have the answer to
It shows I am sort of lost on what to do

Should I speak about me 
Or talk about love
Should I pull it altogether 
Or break apart with a shove
My mind is pure, Her body is art
Let neither quality defy the heart 
Erratic is my scripture
Have you developed a picture
Now devein the depiction 
Written is the addiction 
This seems to be completely indecisive 
But the dilemma is just my crisis
Sufficient conditions
Vacillate illicit prescriptions
It's all out of wack, doesn't make much sense
Which one of us is now convinced

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