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Law of Attraction

When considering the concept of the “law of attraction”, I simply reduce it to the exercise of unity progress.  As you find something that...

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

An Original Thought

I never knew who you were
You never knew what I meant
And still we see 
Look at the past without relent
Time spent is a causality
Of camaraderie
Prayers to the invisible man
Bring questions to a stable mentality
A formality at this point
With reasonable cause
As all laws, flaws and cost 
Pay tribute to inferiority
Sobriety or Seniority
Embraces the stage
With the brightest lights
As the best spot to …
I don’t know what im saying
Again theres no relaying
I can’t past the baton 
To begin the final leg
Well not can’t but won’t
I don’t know what im doing
Pursuant and telegraphic are words 
Once heard from peers 
When life meant we were happy
Now the meaning is …
I don’t know where I’m at
I thought the book was closed
Eight Seven
I called the chapter done
One Three
Yet and still I revived another one
For more than me and more than I can see
But who will care as the end is near
There is always more life to discuss

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Forgotten Symbolism of Competition

The attempt to revolutionize a career with new communication
Was met with interpretive noise and ruination
Sadly it was predictable
Even by a lesser individual
So what should that mean for me
Smitten with a conniption 
Of lost or not earned wages
Allows for the attrition of whats written
To decompose in stages
How do you keep going when the immediate return is
Something positive has to restore the feeling of accomplishment
As both feet are firmly affixed to the ground
The blissful heights are nowhere to be found
Prayers for a winning lotto ticket 
Mixed with copious applications to employers
Let me know a fiance and lawyer would have been a better route
Candle lit dinners are replaced with sipping dark stout
How do you ascend to your dreams that are too big to attain
Worse pain 
Loss of mind or broken heart
Repeat the same task expecting a different result or start anew
Collapse to your knees and pray or seek the comfort of a neighbor too
Sometimes the favor is to do no favors
Labor the turmoil of hard work
With a tear in the eye and lecturous smirk
Its all in the inevitable works
As the cogs turn and plates shift
Can we move forward without mischief
Can we generate a better atmosphere to live
Can Obioku be the bigger and better man
Can he knows what it is like to have the winners seat
Lather rinse repeat
The appearance of what we already knew
Stares you in the face once again
I am what I am
But what is that to you